• 01Who?

    Lisa Drenkhahn - Master Practitioner of NLP 

    Lisa is in the unique position to be the only person practising NLP on the Mornington Peninsula who has earnt her Practitioner and Master Practitioner status with internationally acclaimed trainer James Tsakalos. James has trained with (amongst others) NLP co- founders John Grinder and Richard Bandler and is known for the extremely high standard of his accredited students. Lisa combines this wealth of knowledge and skill with a genuine desire to create the harmony missing from the lives of her clients. Lisa also has experience in modalities such as counselling, training, therapeutic massage, reiki and hypnosis without trance. 

  • 02What?

    What is NLP?

    NLP explores the relationship between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour (programming).

    There are people in the world who are exceptional at what they do, there is a vast difference between what they can do and what everybody else does.

    They can't explain what it is that they do differently as it is happening at an unconscious level. NLP is the art of modelling these people, not only to find out these differences but to reproduce the same results and teach it to others.  

  • 03Why?

Peninsula NLP - creating harmony...